President Idriss Déby-Itno was killed in a clash with a rebel group on April 20, 2021, and was soon replaced by his son Mahamat Déby-Itno, violating the constitution that required the president of the parliament to succeed the late former president. The political opposition is weak and fractured and offers no political alternative to the population.

The macroeconomic performance continues to be poor. The regime benefited from the G20 and IMF decisions to meet the financial strains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through debt-service waivers and extension of grant-based debt-service relief. However, diversification of the economy is urgently required to decrease dependence on the international market’s oil prices.

All reforms aim to secure and maintain the president’s and the ruling elite’s hold on power and state resources, leaving room for widespread corruption. The government has used the COVID-19 pandemic to further limit the freedom of the opposition and civil society and thus to contain frustration and protest.

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