• BTI Team

    BTI Team

    The scope and complexity of an instrument such as the BTI must undergo continuous refinement and improvement. We are committed to the regular evaluation of our methodology and assessment process. In doing so, we often benefit from feedback, advice and encouragement of users.

    Do write to us – we look forward to your suggestions and queries!

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  • BTI Board

    BTI Board

    The project “Shaping Change – Strategies of Development and Transformation” is carried out in consultation with an interdisciplinary board of experts that helps to define the project focus, identifies challenges and debates project results.

    Over the years, the BTI team has benefitted from the support, advocacy and counsel of many transformation experts and practitioners. But it is our board of advisors which is unequaled in its commitment to providing us rigorous and collegial support. BTI Board members played a crucial role in helping us establish the BTI’s conceptual framework, and continue to ensure sound results for each edition through their expertise and counsel.

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  • Regional Coordinators

    Regional Coordinators

    With their comprehensive regional expertise and outstanding academic standing, the regional coordinators make a significant contribution to the measurement and assessment process and the analysis of the BTI results.

    In consultation with the BTI team, they select their region’s country experts, guide, comment and coordinate the production of the country reports, calibrate the indicator scores for their respective region and play a major role in conducting the interregional calibration of the BTI results. They also author regional reports, which are an integral part of every BTI edition.

    To regional coordinators
  • Country Experts

    Country Experts

    The quality of the Transformation Index hinges on the quality of the country reports. They are the backbone of all our studies and evaluations.

    We are therefore proud to work with more than 250 experts from leading academic institutions and civil society organizations worldwide. The knowledge within this competent network of outstanding country experts provides the qualitative and quantitative basis for the BTI’s international comparative analysis. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all 286 individuals who have contributed their expertise, 263 of whom agreed to be listed here.

    To country experts
  • Organizations We Like

    Organizations We Like

    We have learnt and benefited immensely from the cooperation and exchange with people from like-minded organizations. We appreciate that BTI data and information have been integrated into composite indices, included into governmental assessments of partner countries, and chosen as a reference indicator for related indices.

    To our partners
  • Helping Hands

    Helping Hands

    A project of this magnitude could never succeed without the expertise, enthusiasm, creativity and attention to detail of a number of service providers, supporters and staff. Our special thanks go to them all.

    To our supporters