Assessment Process

During the assessment and review process, a group of highly qualified young academic professionals supports us in checking the integrity and consistency of the country reports and evaluations. Sofie Bliemel, Tore Dubbert, Xenija Grusha, Jil Kamerling, Lisa Marie Kraul, Marie Kübler, Johannes Kummerow, Ariam del Roble Macias Herrera, Moritz August Schulz, Malte Schweia and Carmen Wintergerst have provided excellent support for this process with their care and attention.

In the continuous development and improvement of the quality of our instrument, we benefited in this issue particularly from the knowledgeable and dedicated support of André Schmidt and his team, who took care of the thematic preparation of our thematic review of the qualitative assessments for the indicators “market order” and “competition policy”.

Editing and proofreading

The quality and accuracy of the language in our in-depth reports is of considerable importance for the success of the project. For the eighth consecutive year, translator and senior editor Barbara Serfozo and her team have taken on the daunting challenge of editing all 137 country reports and as well as regional and global reports with tireless and conscientious dedication.

Marvin Jérôme Hanke's final quality check of the country reports is as irreplaceable as the meticulous care with which Josh Ward proofreads our global and regional reports. Our colleague from the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s publishing house, Christiane Raffel, coordinates the implementation with great professionalism and patience.

Visualization and communication

The website of the BTI 2020 bears the signature of the agency ressourcenmangel. Christoph Mertens and his team have succeeded in presenting the BTI at its best with intuitive access and a completely new design.

Thanks to the continuous commitment of Michael Westrich from the agency Bock & Gärtner, experts and journalists regularly report on political developments in developing and emerging countries on our BTI Blog.

For several editions the graphic designer Veronika Düpjohann has been working with us with her colleagues from the agency kopfstand. Her creative ideas have shaped the project’s image in all its features.

The journalist and communications consultant Jens Poggenpohl improves the clarity of our reports with his textual editing of regional and global analyses.

With the Transformation Atlas, information architect Dieter Dollacker and cartographer Dirk Waldik have provided clear and intuitive access to our data, which allows for an interactive visualization of scores and qualitative analysis. They are assiduous in their further development and improvement of the tool.

The support and commitment of our two interns Jonas Remmers and Caroline Spanaus was decisive: in addition to their other tasks, they summarized the essence of the country reports, which number almost 2 million words in total, into 137 short overview texts for this website.