The Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola continues to dominate political, administrative and state security institutions. Local elections were postponed due to the pandemic, which was a further blow to the progress of democracy, as they would constitute an important step toward decentralizing powers and competencies. 2020 saw powers concentrated back in the hands of the Executive, which resulted in a hardening of the social climate.

The Angolan economy continued to languish in deep crisis. In March 2020, the oil price crashed, reducing Angola’s GDP by 6% overnight. This economic contraction was further compounded by the slowdown resulting from COVID-19 restrictions upon everyday economic life.

Given the overall challenges Angola is still facing, its response to the COVID-19 crisis has been relatively successful. However, the government should revise its spending priorities to alleviate the situation of the population and really invest in transforming Angola’s oil-dependent economy.

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