Overview Equatorial Guinea

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The ruling Essangui clan showed no signs of ceding its enduring grip on the country’s political and economic life. Little transpired in the review period to suggest that real and substantive steps had been taken to develop either the principles of democracy or the tenets of a free market economy.

The collapse of oil prices in 2014, depleted oilfields, and COVID-19’s impact on both people and markets has threatened the regime’s longevity. However, the regime made promising attempts to reboot the hydrocarbons sector and succeeded in securing critical loans from the IMF to shore up its finances. Little to no improvements to non-hydrocarbon sectors or the stifling business climate have been made.

Members of opposition parties were subject to arrest and police violence in an atmosphere of oppression. COVID-19 has only exacerbated these trends: The brutally enforced lockdown restrictions were most likely used to further silence dissidents and prevent assemblies.

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