In November 2019, National Assembly elections were held, confirming the incumbent Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth of the Militant Socialist Movement party for a new five-year term in government. However, political opposition leaders challenged the validity of the results and claimed electoral irregularities. This is the first time election results in Mauritius have faced such grave contestation since the country’s independence.

The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the oil spill of the MV Wakashio carrier in July 2020, had an enormous, negative impact on Mauritius’ economy. After several years of steady growth, a drastic deceleration in economic activity is coming. A rapidly aging population and decreased competitiveness of some export-oriented manufacturing industries further hamper the economy.

The government managed the COVID-19 outbreak relatively well. It also took initiatives in favor of a more sustainable and equitable social environment and implemented sound economic policies coupled with diversification. However, continued efforts are needed to ensure an inclusive society. The issue of corruption at the highest political level remains a challenge.

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