Following the 2022 legislative elections, President Sall’s coalition lost its supermajority in the National Assembly, a historic first for Senegal’s ruling party. After having abolished the post of prime minister a few years ago, the President reinstated it in 2022. Nonetheless, there are increasing concerns about Sall’s commitment to democracy and his intention to run for a controversial third term.

The government continued to pursue its development plan that aims to transform Senegal into an emerging economy. Despite having achieved some success, significant economic and social problem remain. Poverty and inequality are persistently high and the COVID-19 pandemic as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have exacerbated persistent challenges.

Youth poverty and underemployment remain two of the most pressing challenges, especially considering that the median age in Senegal is around 19. While the government has failed to improve the prospects of young people, many Senegalese attempt to migrate illegally to Europe.

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