Sabine Donner

Senior Expert

Developing and coordinating the BTI project since its inception in 2001, Sabine is still fascinated by its scope and the tremendous learning experience about democratization and governance trends it provides. She studied Political Science, Slavic Studies and German Literature in Freiburg and St. Petersburg. Transition processes in post-Soviet countries is her particular area of interest.

Hauke Hartmann

Senior Expert

With a thematic focus on democratization and human rights, Hauke takes particular interest in governance in Arab and Latin American countries. He directs the BTI-project since 2003 and previously was a Fellow at the Yale Center for International and Area Studies. He received a Ph.D. for his thesis on US human rights policy under President Carter from Free University of Berlin.

Yannik John

Project Manager

Yannik joined the BTI team as a project manager in 2022. He studied political science and history at the University of Mainz and Madrid. Over the course of his master's degree, Yannik specialized in international relations and public economics. The question of how transformation processes towards democracy and an inclusive market economy can be achieved in a sustainable way is one of the driving forces behind his work.

Sabine Steinkamp

Project Assistant

Since 2005 Sabine is in charge of the BTI project’s office. Organizing events, coordination with our partners and project communication are her major tasks.