The 2021 general election marked substantial progress and a shift toward renewed democracy. Opposition candidate Xiomara Castro won the credible and fair presidential elections, accepted by the losing candidate and his party. This represented the first peaceful transfer of power since the military coup in 2009.

In the economic sphere, although Honduras rebounded from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country continues to grapple with deep-rooted poverty and inequality. Positioned at the frontline of climate change, the country faces challenges balancing environmental action with economic growth.

While President Castro’s tenure is marked by achievements such as extraditing her predecessor on drug-trafficking charges and repealing the Secrets Law, she also passed an amnesty law that raises concerns about her commitment to combating corruption. In addition, Castro has struggled to address widespread violence within democratic norms and declared a state of emergency in 2022 to fight insecurity and extortions.

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